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Used Renault Trucks K: rugged, reliable and ready for any challenge

Robust design for unmatched reliability with a used Renault Trucks K

Used Renault Trucks K have been designed with rigorously tested components, units and solutions. The chassis and cab have been reinforced to ensure maximum reliability and durability for your off-road activities. The wide range of equipment on offer and the optimisation of the powertrain increases the productivity and profitability of any business.

So, whether you’re navigating quarries, muddy terrains, or uneven landscapes, the Renault Trucks K ensures that your missions will be carried out successfully - even in the most extreme conditions.

Used Renault Trucks K: engineered for traction and efficiency

From the mechanics to the exterior, Renault Trucks K are tailored specifically for businesses that demand reliability and efficiency. They have features like steel and aluminium diesel tanks for off-road use, cyclonic air pre-filters to withstand dusty environments, headlamp protection grilles with polycarbonate optics, and the OPTIDRIVER XTREM gearbox adapted to heavy loads. Renault Trucks K are equipped to get hard work done with ease, speed and affordability.

Experience up to 5% fuel savings and a remarkable 5% reduction in CO2 emissions with the Renault Trucks K DE11 and DE13 engines. These innovative engines are equipped with wave pistons, new fuel injectors and are designed to prevent fuel losses thanks to improved friction resistance, a ball-bearing turbocharger and a variable-flow power steering pump.

Even in the most challenging situations, the chassis, powertrain, and cab collaborate seamlessly to provide maximum traction and mobility. The Renault Trucks K boasts a small turning radius, the best angle of attack on the market (32°) and a variety of axle configurations to choose from (4X4, 6X6, 8X6, or 8X8). So no matter what, you can find the right fit for you.


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Used Renault Trucks K: comfort beyond compare

Driver-centric innovation for the Renault Trucks K

Inside the Renault Trucks K, every detail is designed for the comfort and convenience of the driver. The curved dashboard places all functions within easy reach, and the intuitive foot-operated steering wheel adjustment ensures an ideal driving position. Enjoy modern amenities such as a 7-inch HD touchscreen, DAB digital radio, TomTom navigation, and Bluetooth connectivity for up to two phones.

At the end of a long day behind the wheel, drivers can feel right at home in the comfort of the spacious cab and sleeping bunk. Our new Ultra-comfortable Serenity bunk now offers a thicker mattress with twice as many springs and a memory foam topper, suited to any body type and perfect for a good night’s sleep. For those who prefer a little extra space, the Extra-Large Extensia lower bunk proposes an extended sleeping surface of over 2000mm x 800mm, with the possibility to add another 120mm if desired.

Safety First with the Renault Trucks K

Equipped with the latest driver assistance technologies and effective braking systems, the Renault Trucks K prioritises the safety of drivers, pedestrians, cyclists, and other road users. A number of rear-view cameras, mirrors and ultrasonic sensors detect and notify drivers of any dangerous surroundings, automated brakes enable secure take-off from steep inclines, and the Anti Runaway emergency brake activates to stop the vehicle in the event of driver mishandling. In the 8x4 and 8x4 Tridem models, additional support is also available in the form of ESC assistance. With this electric steering control, drivers can count on their safety even in difficult conditions such as rain, snow or when rounding tight bends.

Elevate your business with used Renault Trucks K

Discover the unmatched combination of reliability, efficiency, and comfort in the Renault Trucks K. Browse our selection of used Renault Trucks K models and invest in a truck that's ready to conquer the toughest challenges while providing the comfort and efficiency your business deserves.