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Road haulage tractor units undergo a 200-point inspection  

Renault Trucks T is the perfect truck for long haul batch or goods deliveries, ensuring that your activity is profitable over the long term. The list below contains only road transport tractor units with mileage certified by the manufacturer from the vehicle serial number and the vehicle's service history. Before being listed on our website, each truck is inspected by our used vehicle expert technicians. Furthermore, used road transport tractor units with the Selection label are covered by a manufacturer's warranty up to 24-months, 320,000 kms covering the driveline. During the period in question, a complementary warranty includes coverage of the costs for breakdown assistance and recovery by Renault Trucks 24/7 assistance, who commit to respond in under 120 minutes, 24/7, wherever you may be in Europe. Our used road transport tractor units may also benefit from the Renault Trucks predictive maintenance offer via a Start&Drive Excellence Predict contract, just as new vehicles do. This includes remote monitoring of consumable parts, optimised maintenance according to actual operating conditions and an online service for preventing unscheduled time off the road.  

When we prepare the trucks in our workshops, we can also update them to include the latest available technology, where compatible. This could involve integrating the tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS), for example, or updating the on-board computer to include the "adaptive cruise control" (ACC) function or even the controlled coasting function (Optiroll) which, conditions permitting, engages neutral to reduce fuel consumption. Our used vehicle experts can then explain these new functions during a personalised handover.  

You therefore benefit from having a certified "up-to-date" vehicle with long-term robustness, performance and fuel economy. 


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Reliability and low fuel consumption  

Renault Trucks T460 and T480 tractor models are renowned for low fuel consumption and their efficient driveline. The very design of Renault Trucks T, with its trapezoid cab shape and 12-degree inclined windscreen, has a lower drag coefficient, thus reducing fuel consumption and providing you with excellent commercial speed thanks to its Euro 6 DTI 11 and DTI 13 engines. With your used Renault Trucks road transport tractor unit, you are able to deliver to your customers at the best cost and in the most efficient manner.  

Furthermore, Renault Trucks has designed the Renault Trucks T trucks on the basis of endurance testing conducted in extreme conditions, in order to provide the longest service life possible. The vehicle exterior components (three-part bumper) and interior components (interchangeable interior components, quality plastics, etc.) have been designed to make their long-term maintenance and the "second life" of the vehicle easier to manage. Consumable part maintenance and repair intervals have also been extended. All of these elements are gauges of reliability for you and your customers. 


Comfort and safety 

Behind the wheel of Renault Trucks T, your drivers can enjoy the comfort of a vehicle that has been designed to cover long distances: driving position with panoramic windscreen, driver-facing dashboard, multiple storage compartments, spacious rest area with removable bunk equipped with a dense and comfortable mattress. All Renault Trucks T models also have multiple systems to guarantee the safety of your drivers and the loads that they are carrying, such as cruise control with distance regulator, lane departure warning or automatic parking brake.  

With a used Renault Trucks road transport tractor unit, you can deliver to your customers quickly, efficiently and at the lowest cost. 


What is the difference between a truck and a tractor unit?

When we talk about “trucks” in general, we could be referring to a number of vehicles designed to transport goods. However, a “tractor unit” (also known as an articulated lorry or tractor-trailer) is a specific kind of truck made up of two separate components: a tractor unit and a trailer unit. The tractor unit truck sits at the front of the truck, and provides the strength required to pull cargo stored in a trailer attached at the back. While standalone trucks are often more suited to short distances, urban delivery, or situations where a smaller vehicle footprint is necessary, the increased capacity and efficiency of a tractor unit makes it a cost-effective choice for businesses involved in large-scale transportation of larger volumes, heavier cargo or long-distance hauling. Renault Trucks offers a wide variety of used tractor units for sale, with options to match nearly any budget or use.

What is a tractor unit truck?

A tractor unit truck is the vehicle used as the front component of a rigid truck (also called a “lorry tractor unit”). It includes the engine, driver's cab, and sometimes additional equipment, but it doesn't carry cargo on its own. Tractor unit trucks allow for the connection of trailers, and use a powerful engine to pull and transport large volumes of goods for long distances. This is particularly useful for industries that deal with bulk goods or items requiring extensive storage space. For added versatility, specialised trailers can be attached to transport specific cargo types, such as refrigerated trailers for perishable goods, or flatbed trailers for oversized equipment. Renault Trucks T models are built with durable materials, tested in extreme conditions, and designed for low fuel consumption, ensuring that you get all the advantages of a tractor unit truck plus the efficiency, reliability, and quality you can only find with Renault Trucks.

What is the weight of a tractor unit?

There are several ways to measure the weight of a tractor unit truck. On average, each unit weighs around 6.5 tonnes, not accounting for any cargo or passengers. When combining this unladen weight with the weight of a tractor unit’s passengers, payload and accessories, we calculate the Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) averaging around 19 tonnes. Finally, since tractor units are often paired with trailer units to transport goods, the total weight of the tractor unit plus the weight of its trailer unit and load is collectively referred to as the Gross Combination Weight (GCW). However, the weight of any given tractor unit truck can vary significantly depending on its model, purpose, and features. Renault Trucks offers used tractor units matching industry averages and ranging through heavier GVWs of 26 tonnes and GCWs of over 44 tonnes. As you explore Renault Trucks’ used tractor units for sale, you can easily find each listed vehicle’s approved weight and capacity to meet your transport needs.